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  • ITEL (International test of English language)
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ITEL –English proficiency assessment for the 21 century

On demand, internet based English language assessment in only 90 minutes ITEL the ideal internet –based English language evaluation for university. business and industries. English language institutes. government agencies. professional licensing organization.

Your choice

ITEL on the net or on paper ITEL is delivered over the internet for administration at secure test locations worldwide. The result is quick, convenient, and flexibility access. Recognizing that computerized administration may not be possible in all circumstances, we also provide a paper-based version of the test. The paper version includes the reading, listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar sections

Our students graduate with the values and knowledge they need to pursue meaningful work, find passion in life-long learning, and lead successful and purposeful lives.

ITEL's special features

ITEL's special features give you an edge
  • evaluation of all skills: Reading, listening, writing, speaking, plus grammar
  • full exam administered in only 90 minutes
  • on demanded testing provides maximum scheduling flexibility
  • affordably priced Writing and speaking sections call for actual writing and speaking production
  • trained graders evaluate writing and speaking components
  • built-in software features help you manage test administration
  • multiple test forms ensure security
  • a clear, informative score report

ITEL (International test of English language)

Test content-the test has five separate components presented in the order listed below. Please note that, in each section, examinees will encounter content and questions targeted at varying levels of proficiency.

  • A - reading - 20 minutes
  • Test content-the test has five separate components presented in the order listed below. Please note that, in each section, examinees will encounter content and questions targeted at varying levels of proficiency.

    1- one intermediate-level passage about 250 words in length followed by four written multiple choice question
    2- one college level monograph approximately 450 words long followed by 6 written multiple choice questions

  • B- listening-20 minutes
  • 1- four high beginning to low intermediate level ,short conversational exchanges of two or three sentences, each followed by one multiple choice question.
    2- one to three minutes intermediate level conversational exchange followed by four multiple choice questions.
    3- one to four minutes college level followed by 6 multiple choice questions.

  • C-grammar – 10 minutes
  • Twenty five written multiple choice questions, each of which tests the examinee's familiarity with a key feature of English structure.

  • D-Writing -25 minutes
  • 1- in response to instructions phrased at low intermediate level, examinee is asked to write a short note on a supplied topic (five minutes: 50-75 words).
    2- examinee is presented with a brief college level written topic and is asked to express and support his or her opinion on the topic(20 minutes: 175-225 words).

  • E- Speaking – minutes
  • 1- Examinee hears and reads a short question phrased at the low intermediate level, examinee has 30 seconds to prepare his or her spoken response and forty five seconds to speak.
    2- examinee hears a brief college level statement presenting two sides of an issue; examinee is then asked to give his or her opinion on the topic(45 seconds to prepare ,60 seconds to speak).

Delivery and Timing Mechanism

Delivery Method

The entire test is delivered via the internet and must be administered in a secure environment at an approved test center .for the ,listening and grammar sections , the examinee clicks on one of four answer choices for each question ,the writing samples are keyboarded directly into a text entry field. The speaking samples are recorded with a headset/microphone at the examinee's computer.

Timing Mechanism

Each section has a fixed time allocated to it .if an examinee completes a section with time left, he/she may advance to the next section.

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